Satan's Satyrs - Die Screaming

$ 7.99


Resist if you please, deny if you will. In 2014 it is inescapable- Satan's Satyrs will surely find you, and you will "Die Screaming!" Screaming for more. This, their first LP as a souped up power-trio sees the young men from Virginia rising from the depths of the basement into the heights of 3-dimensional sight and sound. While "Wild Beyond Belief!" was a lumbering, thundering blast of crude fuzz and teenage snarl, this new LP is a multi-layered theatrical display of once-in-a-generation proportions. Engineered by Don Zientara (Void, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Foo Fighters) in his Inner Ear Studios, this 100% analog edition of their definitive release is as much a sonic delight as it is a showcase for their road-honed chops and creative brilliance. Starting with a grinding Hammond organ cranked through a vintage Leslie rotating speaker, this slab of wax, cut to vinyl by none other than Paul Gold- shows towering crescendos, and staggering lows are within the realm of Clayton and the gang's command. This release is the ONLY release in contemporary times that handles heavy occult rock with the delicate touch it requires. Not an exercise in belched lyrics atop a turgid amateur-hour approximation of Sabbath's "Hole in the Sky" for the 999th time - this release is varied and nuanced, from slow to fast, from jazz-informed passages to the scuzzy dragstrip sound of '60s exploito-cinema, this record truly has it all. Housed in a custom made Trash-Pak foldout cover, this is THE hard rock release of 2014.