An Invitation - Fuck The Police 7"

$ 4.99

In 2016 the musical landscape is riddled with smart, safe, and uplifting sounds. Smug blue blood boys and girls take up an instrument at boarding school, hire a publicist, and create the soundtrack for another all-day “rock” party for the 1%. Who’s to blame them? The money is easy and it sure beats a 9-5. One could almost lose hope that hard-charging, wild and, most importantly, D-U-M-B rock and roll could mount a challenge. Luckily for us, these three bushy-maned heathens from Northern Virginia’s wilds have delivered a trio of tunes that charge forward like a rabid dog before slowing into a lurching, bone-headed stomp that slows time and suspends the intellectual process. Before you know it, you’re drawn into the ignorant bliss that is An Invitation’s domain. Lead by Stephen Fairfield of Satan’s Satyrs, this group has the hard-to-capture vibe of the bands that emerged out of the ooze of mid-‘70s hard rock and discovered the punk wave, but couldn’t quite fit in with the art school set. The speed, aggression and general bad attitude are there, but the chops are a little better, the riffs a little tastier, and the swagger a little more pronounced. “Fuck The Police” is the statement of those who don’t need a cause to know that authority sucks and the cops are crooked, they’ve been saying it all along.

First pressing of 500:

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