Satan's Satyrs "Die Screaming" LP February 18 2014

Just got the test pressings in of the new Satan's Satyrs LP. Just like in the practice space, just like in the studio, just like off the reference acetate; this rocks. The release of this LP will happen about a month after the "Black Souls" single is unleashed on the public. Keep checking back for ordering info. As always, there will be special pressings for all of the online early birds. DC residents can get all of our stuff at our store, Joint Custody. Check it out at 1530 U St NW. We're open 12-8 every day. 


PS: Lots of behind the scenes stuff is in the works. We'll be announcing a slew of releases in the coming months.

Coming Soon... February 17 2014

Got the test presses in for the newest Satan's Satyrs release a little while back. Keep your eyes peeled for pre-orders starting in the next few weeks.

What's new? January 15 2014

A brand new store/site for 2014. Also new releases in the works from Satan's Satyrs, ZOOM, and other exciting artists (can't name any names just yet).