"Black Souls" 7" up for Pre-Order February 27 2014

We've just activated the pre-order for the new 7" single off of Satan's Satyrs "Die Screaming" LP. There's a limited pressing of 300 on orange and they are going FAST. We've also re-upped t-shirts, so check that out if we were sold out of your size and don't pay $40(wtf) on eBay. This 45 features an exclusive instrumental b-side that brings to mind classic exploitation movies of the 1960s with trademark Satan's Satyrs swagger. This new release is everything you loved about Satan's Satyrs in 3-D. It's catchier, better-played and more driving than ever. Even better, it's been recorded in pure analog at Inner Ear Studios using B-I-G vintage Ludwig drums, real '60s fuzz pedals and the thrusting force of a classic vintage tube-powered Ampeg SVT. 


Satan's Satyrs are the real deal, boys and girls, and now's your chance to check out the next chapter in their sonic journey before everyone else does.